About Nerdish

We believe any person should stay curious about the world. Curiosity and open-mindedness help us see hidden connections and adapt to stressful situations. They help us live more fulfilled lives and at the same time be more productive in our careers. Moreover, we believe that it is natural for any human to strive to be curious.

Nerdish supports this natural curiosity and yearning for new knowledge. Short texts won’t (and shouldn’t) cover every aspect of a topic at hand. Instead, they provide an introduction and enable you to build a basis of understanding. 

No one can know everything. You might be a genius mathematician but not that well versed in history; you might appreciate a lot about art but struggle with astronomy—you get the idea. Nerdish is here to help you with topics you want to learn more about and be more of a well-rounded person.

The world is moving fast, and new developments can be intimidating. However, understanding different concepts and phenomena makes you better equipped to handle and process information from the news or your workplace. 

We are a small group of accomplished specialists of different backgrounds: marketing, IT, education, media, book publishing, and blogging. This diversity of careers and professions within the team is essential as our product remains a journey of experimentation. 

Delivering knowledge and facilitating a better understanding of the world is a multifaceted process. Every member of the team contributes from the wealth of their experience.