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A new way of learning and self-development for those who wants to learn something new every day

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The topics to grasp the concepts of arts, history, science, and tech in 10 to 15 minutes a day.


Explore interlinked topics and discover unexpected connections. Follow your interests and pave 
a path of your own.


Be more knowledgeable and boost your confidence on the way to success.

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Learn new things daily with Nerdish

Several times a week, the editorial team behind Nerdish issues a topic for you to ponder. The app features a multitude of topics in dozens of fields to arm you with essential knowledge about our ever-changing multifarious world. Any topic, be it related to science, arts, technology, or society can be easily grasped in just about 15 minutes.

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This app is something I needed for so long! These guys are great at explaining things I’ve never even thought about before, and the info is very reliable. So, when I need to learn something new with an app, Nerdish is the one.


As an ESL teacher, I 10/10 recommend this app for those who need to learn new things about the world in a second language. Nerdish explains complex concepts very well and helps you think about them in English. Such a nice learning app!


For me, a random topic a week is the best Nerdish feature. I bet everyone has this problem with choosing something new to learn today outside their major field, and for me these occasional sneak-peaks into various areas of knowledge are priceless.


Nerdish is so good for raising your head above the routine and seeing how much you actually don’t know about the world. Getting to know random stuff actually works for creativity!

Creative professional

I’m a busy person, and I work with people, so for me, 15 minutes of learning something interesting outside my agenda and without pressure is a luxury. With Nerdish, I can find this time for myself. The app is always there when I think, “I want to learn something new and interesting today.”


A nice app for a parent to help your kid see how beautiful and diverse our world really is. The insights on arts and history are amazing, and Nerdish is a really good app to get your kid to see a bigger picture.

Parent of a high school student

With the Nerdish app, you can learn something new every day and never get bored. Just open a topic and discover new stuff about the things that surround you daily—or something you’ve never even thought about before.

Learn something new everyday with Nerdish.io app