How to know about everything and become a Nerd

Find out how to become someone who is always curious and always gain new knowledge.

How to know about everything and become a Nerd

Who is a Nerd?

We might think of a nerd as someone with big bi-specular glasses, braces, and weird clothes. But the core ingredient of nerdishness is intelligence. Being a nerd doesn’t mean knowing everything but being willing to learn and constantly discover things. Simply speaking, a nerd is someone who is always curious and always learns something. While it’s hard to really know everything, there are some tips on how to gain a reputation as a “know-it-all.” 

In this article, we gathered some ways to boost your brain and become more of a nerd (without changing your outlook).

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Make a “want to know everything” plan

When you come with a desire like “I want to know about everything,” it might be hard to choose starting point: where to begin. In this situation, making a plan can come in handy. Write subjects you are interested in and would like to study. Then, make up a learning schedule: for a week or a month. This visualized plan will help to stay on track and motivate you not to give up. Let’s say, you’re most interested in space, ecology, history, and botany. So, on Monday you read something about world history and listen to a podcast about global warming. On Tuesday, you watch a lecture about Vikings and read an article about tulips. On Wednesday, you watch a documentary about space and listen to an interview with Stephen Hawking. With a plan, you get a diversity of topics and activities. And, what’s more, you get used to learning on a daily basis.

Use Nerdish to learn about everything

It is all in the name: Nerdish is an app that is here to satisfy your need to know everything.  There is a stereotype that smartphones stand in the way of learning, but with Nerdish you can use your phone to your benefit. We write articles on different topics: from science and space to daily things. As learners ourselves, we strive for simple explanations of complex notions. Every material is data-proofed so that you can rely on the material. Also, we divide texts into chapters, so that you can read them in small portions. A time tracker keeps you motivated to read every day and turn it into your habit.  With just 5-10 minutes of daily Nerdish reading, you can make a significant step to gain knowledge about everything.

Become a master of a certain topic

Surely, you have some things you know best or are willing to know a lot. Therefore, you can turn it to your benefit and got an image of an expert on this topic. You know how someone tells you “Ask Kate about the greenhouse effect, she is a pro in ecology questions.” Someone can tell the same about you. Choose subjects you are genuinely interested in and can immerse into with pleasure. With time, you can enlarge a list of your “signature topics” and become more of a nerd.

Be curious like people that know everything

Curiosity is our inner drive that makes us search for information, and look things up everywhere. Curiosity makes our minds active, motivates us to ask questions, and google unknown words\notions. Also, when we are curious, we’re more likely to memorize the material – and learn a little more about everything. And, curiosity helps us understand different points of view – and become a little more open-minded.

Read books, articles, and blogs

People that know everything, or, at least, make that impression, certainly, read a lot. To start with, try reading every day for at least 15-30 minutes. Read our post about how much should you read a day for more details. The most important here is to read quality literature and concentrate on it 100%. Reading helps to know a little about everything and also gives the brain good training. It improves the brain’s activity and activates multiple cognitive functions: attention, concentration, long and short memory, comprehension, and analysis. So, you’ll have a lot of new knowledge and efficient exercise – 2 in 1.

Add more diversity

Here is a thing: if you stick to reading only, then you will be a bookworm, not a nerd. You have to look for more different sources to know everything about everything: documentaries, lectures, online courses, podcasts, etc. First of all, you can learn more with different instruments; secondly, you will be less likely to get bored switching from one activity to another. Diversity allows to change intensity and activates different brain parts. Listen to podcasts on the way to your office, read Nerdish articles while waiting in lines, and watch documentaries in the evening, when you don’t want to hang out. All these ways of learning provide you with a 360 view of things and give a more throughout picture of subjects.

Make notes and review

We need to hear\read information several times to make it stuck in our memory. And we double our chances to memorize things when we write them down. Taking notes, we use our own vocabulary, summarize new information and understand it better. With notes, we can keep track of our progress, by self-testing and doing a retrospective of what we have already learned. In doing so, we can check the progress and define what requires further examination.

Participate in discussions and tell stories

Sharing experience with others is one of the ways how to learn everything. On the one hand, you can tell interesting stories of what you’ve learned and amaze people with your knowledge. In addition, when you speak up, you’re more likely to better memorize facts once and for all. The brain needs to reproduce information to create a neurological connection that ensures data is safely saved. On the other hand, you can listen to others, discover many new facts and ideas, and learn without much effort. Friendly discussion is another working way how to know about everything while being socially active.

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